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The Chefs 2021




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Johan Björkman
Jonas Larsson

”Our food philosophy is based on clear tastes of few ingredients. At Koka we have chosen to work with mainly local producers, growers and breeders. It’s what we call a modern Swedish gastronomy.”


Koka was awarded a Michelin star in 2015 and still holds it to this day. The restaurant is organic certified by KRAV and put work into having a environmental focus in all parts of the business. 


The cooking at Koka is focused. The main raw material in each dish must come forward and take the place it deserves. The dishes created are playful, technically driven and conscious.



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Anton Bjuhr
Jacob Holmström

"We have chosen to work with exclusively Swedish produce. Close proximity contributes to fine cooperation with producers,  and that, in turn, triggers our creativity.”

Inspired by techniques and perspectives from all over the world, and using produce from just around the corner, Gastrologik has become a world class restaurant. Logical Swedish gastronomy is based on close cooperation between the restaurant in Stockholm and passionate farmers, growers, breeders, fishermen and hunters who share the same values as they do in terms of quality; as well as environmentally and ethically.



8. Henri Alen och Tommi Tuominen _Finnjävel.png


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Eero Vottonen

“The way I was raised and trained and the food I have eaten is reflected in everything I do”.


Chef Eero Vottonen along with his team aims to create an innovative yet sophisticated Nordic dining experience at Palace. Seasonal Finnish ingredients are central in the menu and reflects the chef’s passion for taste and superb ingredients. As the first Finnish restaurant to receive a Michelin star in 1987, Eero’s culinary talent brought it back to it's rightful place, after a three-decade break.

He is also one of the most award-winning Finnish chefs: Chef of the Year (2012), Global Chef Challenge winner (2016), Nordic Chef Challenge winner (2017), 6th at Bocuse d'Or (2017) and Chef of the Chefs (2017, 2019).



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Tommi Tuominen

Henri Alén

”We have delved into the past in order to create the future of Finnish cuisine.”


Finnjävel was conceived when chefs Tommi Tuominen and Henri Alén, both heavyweights of the Finnish culinary scene, realised that they know very little of the history of Finnish food.


The chefs uses Finnish ingredients and cooking methods from the years gone by: curing, smoking and fermenting to name a few. The menu is based on traditional Finnish kitchen and is inspired by the different regions of the country. 




Christopher Davidsen

Christopher Davidsen




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Nick Curtin

”We taste something beautiful, and it’s almost like it whispers in our ear, telling us how to build a dish around it.”


Alouette is run by American chef, Nick Curtin, together with his wife, Camilla Hansen. The restaurant received a Michelin star in 2019, after only being open for about a year, a recognition it holds to this day. The quality of ingredients and the relationship to their suppliers are what matters the most. The creative process at Alouette is based on the products themselves.




Morten Rastad

Christoffer Norton

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"We simply want as close of a relationship as possible to the produce we work with."

Nature  always determines  what ends up on the plates at Domestic. Headchef Morten Rastad and Christoffer Norton strive to use 100 % local ingredients that come from small suppliers and thus creating as sustainable a journey as possible from "farm to table". You will therefore not find ingredients such as lemon, vanilla, chocolate and pepper in our menu. On the other hand, they have tasty homemade food prepared with care for the environment, spiced with a high gastronomic level, old fermentation methods and culinary craftsmanship.


Headchef Christoffer Norton and Morten Rastad fermentation chef (kopia).jpg




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Gunnar Karl Gíslason

”Simplicity is key in allowing our ingredients to reach their full potential. As genuine and vibrant as the Icelandic landscape, our delivery of these ingredients tells stories of our nature and the farmers whose families have worked the land for generations.”


Dill was founded in 2009. Inspired by the Icelandic landscape and dedicated to fresh ingredients, foraging and sustainability, Dill reflects the compelling characteristics of Iceland. Restauranter and chef Gunnar Karl Gíslasson explores the vast and multi-faceted Icelandic countryside in his unorthodox cuisine.





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Christopher Davidsen

“It is not work when your job is to stage a showcase of the best, local raw ingredients.”


The World Champion Chef and Bocuse d`Or silver medalist 2017 Christopher Davidsen is the head chef at Speilsalen in Trondheim. Only 10 months after opening, Speilsalen was recognised with its first Michelin star.


In his constant search for gastronomic excellence at the highest level, Davidsen is creating a culinary journey with a focus on perfecting the elements of surprise. At Speilsalen, the chef’s first signature restaurant, the finest handpicked Norwegian produce is prepared with the utmost care and respect; no detail is overlooked, and taste is the foremost goal of every effort.




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Mikael Svensson

Mikael Svensson, is the owner and head chef of restaurant Kontrast in Oslo, rewarded with a Michelin Star in 2016, which it still holds. 

His cooking philosophy is deeply rooted in sustainable and organic ingredients from local producers. The dishes are based on seasonal ingredients, farmed of forage and the menu is constantly evolving thru the year. 

Kontrast is also ranked among some of Scandinavias best restaurants and Mikael, ranked among the worlds 150 best chefs according to the «best chef award list 2019».

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