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Stars du Nord is an annual gastronomic festival held in natural wonders of the north. The purpose of the festival is to promote the Nordic food concept on a global scale – and give our leading chefs, winemakers, producers, and regions international visibility.

For the 2022 edition Stars du Nord teamed up with Swedish Lapland, Treehotel and Arctic Bath to embark on a green evolution. For two evenings the unique forest of Lapland will be transformed into a transgressive wildwood restaurant – MATERIA as the northern countries’ most progressive star chefs from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland join forces for a never-before collaboration. The challenge? Creating a 10-star Michelin tasting menu using ingredients sourced within a 200-kilometer radius prepared with our natural elements; fire, water, fermentation, and of course, imagination.

Stars du Nord


Chef Requirements



✽ To appear in the Michelin Guide in the year the festival is held or in similar ways shown great mastery of cooking.

✽ To have deeply contributed to the Nordic culinary heritage either by preserving traditional cooking techniques, highlighting domestic produce, or introducing the floras of the North to a wider audience.

✽ To adapt hyper-local produce and foraged food as part of the restaurant's DNA.

✽ To be an advocate for sustainable agriculture and humane animal rearing. This means primary source ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, incorporating farm-to-table, and practicing nose-to-tail or growing part of the restaurant's ingredients in-house.

✽ To master the Nordic kitchen with skillfully executed dishes that showcase the diversity of flavors and textures. Making sure we preserve age-old traditions and give it a contemporary, modern touch.

✽  To be working hands-on with reducing food waste. This could either be by adopting a sustainable, zero-waste approach or by taking similar actions to minimize the restaurant's carbon footprint.

✽ To profile locality both on the plate and in the glass. This means featuring Nordic cuisine and the northern regions winemaking in the restaurant, educating guests on our exceptional terroir.

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