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Bird's Nest

The Bird’s Nest room was created to blend in with the surrounding environment as much as possible. A room for introspection rather than extroversion. Here, you can really become at one with nature and have more time to yourself – in a gigantic treetop bird’s nest that no one else can see into.

The room is popular amongst families with children, but also suitable for 4 adults. You may want to know that two of the beds are curved to follow the walls.

Starting at 4700 SEK

tree birds nest.jpeg

The Cabin

The Cabin is one of our most romantic rooms. This double room is shaped like a capsule, on view amongst the trees as you walk up the trail from our main building. Its location has been chosen so as to create a platform at the top of a steep slope overlooking the Lule River valley.
As a guest, this gives you a majestic view from the room and also a remarkable entrance. 

The Cabin is a 24 sq. m. room, spacious enough for two people, with a double bed and a terrace. 


The Cabin was designed by Mårten and Gustav Cyrén.

For 2 people

5300 SEK


The Blue Cone

The Blue Cone is built around ease and simplicity, both when it comes to material choices and design. With its spaciousness and beautiful view, it is a highly appreciated room.

The room is a traditional wooden construction with three pillars on the ground, to give sense of height and lightness whilst also providing stability. The terrain below the room is sloped, which adds to the sensation of being high up.

The long, lightly sloping ramp from the other side of the building up to the entrance means that the room is accessible also to those of you who have a disability.

The Blue Cone was designed by Sandellsandberg, Thomas Sandell.

For 2-4 people

Starting at 4700 SEK



The Dragonfly is our second-largest room, at 52 sq. m. and 22 tons. The room is primarily used for private accommodation, but can also be used for small conferences of up to 6 participants. Here you will find four beds in two bedrooms, one with a view of the Lule River Valley from the bed and the other facing the calm, wind-whispering forest.

Inside the room, large panoramic windows offer a view of the river valley. In some places, the light falls in a way that almost gives you the illusion of being able to touch the trees outside. 

The Dragonfly room was designed by Finnish architect firm Rintala Eggertsson.

From 7700 SEK

tree dragonfly.jpeg


Measuring 4x4x4 metres. The room is surrounded by mirror walls which both reflect and blend in with the surroundings.
A tree trunk grows through the room and is enclosed by an aluminium frame, which forms the base of the room. All walls are covered in mirror glass.

On the outside, this gives the illusion that the room is glass from floor to ceiling. However, on the inside, the walls are light plywood, with windows on three of them as well as on the ceiling. Which is a good thing, because on dark nights when the lights are on, you can actually sense that there is someone moving behind the pieces of mirror glass that are not covered by walls.

The Mirrorcube room was designed by Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård and built by a local Harads company.

5200 SEK


7th room

A suite designed to have different ‘experience levels’. Inside the room you will find panoramic windows facing the river valley and the northern lights – the bedrooms have skylight windows for you to view the bright summer night sky. At the centre of the room there is a terrace, formed by a net floor with a naturally growing pine in the middle. Through the net floor you can see 10 metres below you and behind a transparent railing lies the vast expanse of the Lule River Valley. A breath taking, awe-inspiring and perfectly safe place to be. The room has a total size of 100 sq. m.

The 7th Room was designed by Norwegian firm, Snöhetta.

From 12 500 SEK

tree 72.jpeg


The UFO was designed to be the most unexpected thing you can encounter in the forest. And what could possibly be more unexpected than a UFO hovering amongst the trees? The room contrasts sharply with the camouflaged bird’s nest by the same architect, Bertil Harström.


Here, you can also feel the UFO move, as it is suspended on wires and beams connected to the trees.

The UFO has room for five people, with one double bed and three single beds. It is one of our most popular family rooms, however, it is also suitable for groups of adults, provided that the people sleeping in the single beds are not very tall.

From 4700 SEK

tree ufo.jpeg


Biosphere amplifies Treehotel's focus on  sustainability, helping facilitate the conservation of the local bird population. With a façade containing 340 bird nests, Treehotel aims to decrease the downward spiral of the bird population in the Swedish woods and instead strengthen the biosphere and natural habitat. Visitors have access to a roof terrace - close to the treetop canopies - that offer a 360-degree views of the forest.

Through wrapping the new hotel room in an ecological habitat, guests are provided the opportunity to experience birdlife in close proximity, finding themselves in the epicenter of nature.

Biosphere was designed by the Danish Bjarke Ingels Group, BIG.

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